Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Monique's book

October is breast cancer awareness month, designed to help people understand this disease, seek early diagnosis, and inform folks of advances in treatment. In recognition of that, I want to tell you about something that can be very helpful to you, a friend, or a loved one.

A couple of years ago, we published a wonderful book on the subject by Monique Doyle Spencer, which is designed to help people who have the disease understand and cope with many aspects of the treatment process. We published the book because it is funny, and commercial publishers felt that it was inappropriate to have a humorous book dealing with cancer. We thought it deserved public exposure. It is called, "The Courage Muscle, a chicken's guide to living with breast cancer." After my mother-in-law read it, she said, "I wish I had had this book to read during my treatment." Many others have said the same thing, and the book's reputation has spread by word of mouth and occasional newspaper columns and Monique's interviews on television and radio.

You can buy it from Amazon, but if you buy it from the hospital instead, the proceeds go to support Windows of Hope, our non-profit oncology shop that sells wigs, scarves, and other supplies for cancer patients. Just send a check for $16.95 to Windows of Hope, 330 Brookline Avenue, Boston, MA 02115, and we will mail you a copy. Or call 617-667-1899.


Anonymous said...

Heard about this book. Is the shop open all the time. I am planning to stop and pick it up when I am there for my mammogram.

Anonymous said...

It is open most business hours, on the ninth floor of the Shapiro Clinical Center, at the corner of Brookline and Longwood Avenues. Call ahead if in doubt. Linda and Terri will be happy to help you!

Anonymous said...

Hearing this author speak was a very inspirational moment for me. If any of you ever get a chance don't miss it. As far as her book goes, it's a must have and also one of my personal favorites.