Monday, January 29, 2007

Two new links

I have added a couple of new links in the menu to the right.

The one on the bottom is for the Boston Globe's new blog called White Coat Notes. Veteran reporter Elizabeth Cooney is handling this assignment, although she also gets help from other members of the Globe staff. You might want to sign up for a feed from this blog, as it will be updated quite often.

The one just above White Coat Notes is from a person named Ileana and is called Beating Social Anxiety. She is writing it to help her deal with this disorder. Please give it a visit and offer her encouragement.

Don't these two sites present an interesting microcosm of the blogosphere? From the large media company to a single individual, both reaching out to the world.

(BTW, the lemur has nothing to do with this. I'm just responding to lyss' request in the posting below under "More pictures from Madagascar".)


Anonymous said...

I think there's a connection... the lemur's expression is a pretty good illustration of what social anxiety feels like. ;->

Ileana said...

LOL I agree! Thanks Paul and Dave!