Monday, February 19, 2007

New Feature: Nurse and Doctors Links

A number of nurses and doctors out there have been kind enough to put links to this blog on their personal blogs. I am returning the favor by listing theirs in a separate category on the right side of this page. If there are others of you who would like to be listed, please let me know.


Dr. A said...

I've enjoyed your blog for a while now and added your blog to my list. Keep up the great work!

A Lupie Momma said...

Hi I have been reading you for awhile and it is so interesting to see how things are run from the other side. Please link my blog. I was especially interested in your pre-eclampsia study as I has severe preeclampsia with my first daughter and severe PIH with the second. My blog is http://PEMommydotblogspotdotcom

Thanks and I'll keep reading!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I have added both of yours.

eeka said...

Hi there! Are you including other health professionals as well? When I get around to ever making a blogroll of blogs I read, I plan to link to you!

(Despite the fact that your hospital insists on hiring social workers instead of counselors to do counseling...grrr...)

Anonymous said...

Sure, happy to include other professionals as well. Tell me the url.

Domenico Savatta, M.D. said...

I do not have a blog roll, but a category in which I have medical bloggers in which I highlighted your blog.

When the CEO of my hospital found out I was blogging, he thought it was a neat idea and told me he wanted to blog as well.

I kind of smiled and thought to myself (real interesting, who would care). I can admit I was wrong after reading yours and will forward your blog to him.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dr. Savatta. You are on!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, eeka, I checked yours out, but I was only looking for blogs that related to medical issues for this section of links

eeka said...

Paul, I blog a lot about mental health and disability issues. Are yours only blogs that are exclusively about professional issues?

Medical Quack said...

I have added your blog to my RSS listing as well. Like yourself I am a blogger that is not a medical professional, but a consultant hoping to also create an awareness and share valuable information as it becomes available and as such have chosen to call my blog the "The Medical Quack". I hope more CEOs will follow your footsteps!

Clark Venable said...

I'm cranking up again to deal with coming regulatory changes in my state, Pennsylvania. The title of the blog refers to a joke in my field, anesthesiology, that going to sleep is free but waking up costs. I've linked to your (excellent) new blog.

Clark Venable

Anonymous said...

eeka, you're on!

Anonymous said...

You, too, Clark!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog from an article in Healthcare Strategist Trend Watch. My post today is about your blog, and a post on Monday picks up on your 1-20-2007 post on teams and patient safety.

I blog on the business of physician practices for All The "Physician Business Blog" is at:

My blog is part of the Medical Business Center on All, which includes feature articles and other resources.

Assuming you feel that this blog fits with what you are doing, great. More importantly - keep on blogging, and keep saying what needs to be said! I've been in health care as a manager, consultant, trainer etc for 30 years, in hospitals, practices and so on. We need more people to speak up!

Peter Lucash

Betsy B. said...


I just wanted to say thank you. I recently linked to your blog, as I found it completely fascinating. As a nurse here at a large teaching institution I often find that you don't here enough from the top, or worse yet, you don't feel like the top listens to the bottom. I have found that your blog shows a human side to being a CEO, and you are very open to ideas and really do care about the hospital and patients.

I have been keeping a blog of my own for awhile now, regularly for about 6 months now. I started doing this at the urging of my boyfriend, who felt like I needed an outlet to share my stories. I did it more for myself than for the world to see, if anyone stumbled across the site on their own then fine, but I never told anybody about it. After I linked to your site you linked back to mine. You outed my blog!!! I want to thank you for this, but I have to admit that I'm nervous as writing was never my strength. As my boyfriend keeps reminding me--people wouldn't link to it if they didn't like it, so I guess I just have to relax a bit.

I am now in the middle of the application process for the Thomas Durant Fellowship for Refugee Medicine, and I can't thank you enough for exposing my blog, as it is another thing I can show in the process as to how I love to educate and get the word out there. (wish me luck in my upcoming interviews!!)

I was wondering if you had any tips or helpful advice for a newly visible blogger?