Thursday, June 28, 2007


Check the very, very bottom of this blog for a new feature, recommended by my friend Glen. You stick in on your blog, and it shows where people have come from in the world, with circles proportional to the number of visitors. You can get it free at Click the map, and it will show you an expanded version.

(What's the revenue model? It cleverly posts ads for websites related to the topic of your blog.)

While it collects circles over the next few days, I am taking a writing break in honor of Independence Day. Please continue to submit comments, but I may be a bit slower about posting them for several days.

[Addendum on July 31. I have disconnected this link. After a while, it really doesn't show much new.]


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
Happy Independence Day!
This is a completely unrelated topic to your most recent post, but related to your ongoing initiative for "transparency"... What tool are you using to report your information? Do you have a clinical data warehouse? I am researching the many dashboard tools in the market and am particularly interested in what academic medical centers are doing. thanks!

Anonymous said...

We have tons of clinical data on line, thanks to excellent work done by our CIO and his staff. I'm not sure that's what you mean by a "warehouse", but whatever you call it, we have it.

Anonymous said...

Can you put Google Analytics or Sitemeter on a blogspot site? You might like some of the visitor-mapping options that they present, I know it's nice to have some of the more complex features they present for geographic presentation, though it can get overwhelming sometimes, I suppose.

Unknown said...

Happy 4th of July.

I love your blog, but agree with above poster-- there are much better maps.

Anonymous said...

Very cool map -- with visitors from six continents no less.