Monday, July 09, 2007


Thanks very much to Kami Hyuse for listing this blog in the "Healthcare 100" (currently #13).

And thanks, too, to David Wescott for his designation as his first Best Blog EVAH.

I really appreciate the votes of confidence from them and all of you. My first blogging anniversary is approaching, and I never would have predicted this kind of enthusiastic response. It's been a great ride. Stay tuned for more!


Anonymous said...


Your blog has become a morning ritual with my cup of coffee and CNN. Speaking of CNN, there you are again! (article - 'Are gadgets, and the Internet, actually addictive?')

Thank you for this blog!


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much, John. I hadn't read that yet. Here's the link for others:

David said...

Wow - thanks for the shout-out, Paul! Your blog has also become one of my morning reads...

Best wishes on your upcoming "blogiversary..."

- David

Anonymous said...

I think this blog is addictive!!!