Friday, August 24, 2007

Outpatient clinic of innovation

An interesting idea from Ulleval University Hospital in Oslo. (There are some similar concepts that I know of from the US, like MIT´s Center for Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, but this one has its own unique features.) Here´s a summary from Andreas Moan, Director of Research and Education:

The Clinic of Innovation is run like any traditional out-patient clinic with one major difference: The purpose of this Clinic is to facilitate the conversion of ideas from research and medical practice into new services or products to the benefit of both patients and society. We also want to offer the same kind of service to ideas generated outside the hospital, offering our medical and research expertise. The Clinic of Innovation is organized as any other out-patient clinic, offering diagnostic work-ups, treatment and follow-up.

It is a joint venture between the Ulleval University Hospital and Medinnova, a Technology Transfer Office with 20 years of experience in innovation. The Clinic has two main customers: First, people working within the health system with new ideas on how services, treatment, organization or products can be improved or developed. Secondly, the Clinic acts as a bridge into the health system for people, commercial parties, biotech and other research-intensive businesses who may be looking for an initial point of contact to the public health sector.

Culture and language is quite different in the public health system and in private enterprise, and our goal is that the Clinic of Innovation may serve as a meeting point and as translators. Our employees have experience from both the private and public sectors.

Although this Clinic is organized as any other out-patient clinic, there is one major difference: To this Clinic you can refer yourself – please see below.

The Clinic of Innovation offers:

Diagnostic work-ups entailing evaluating your idea’s potential in both research and commercial context, or calling external competence as needed to do so. Depending on the diagnosis, the idea (and its owner) will be offered treatment that may entail
- direct problem solving
- development as a joint venture/active project
- establishment of contact with new networks that we believe will help develop the idea
- referral to group therapy with other innovators facing similar problems

Follow-up means seeing you and your idea back for follow-up and additional referral or problems solving as the idea evolves.

The Clinic of Innovation is also a tool to inform about the importance, possible economical impact and sheer pleasure of innovation. The tools for this activity include media coverage, advertising and visiting relevant people and communities inside and outside of the hospital.

How do you find the Clinic of Innovation?

Physically located at the Ulleval University Hospital in Oslo, Norway.

On the Internet: at “Id├ępoliklinikken” in our rather remote language and at

E-mail: idepoliklinkken@uus.noPhone: +47 23 02 70 23

Point of contact: Eli Margrethe Walseth

What can you expect?

New ideas are best submitted by a webform located here Medinnova or by email or phone.

The Clinic of Innovations has weekly intake meetings, so you can expect an answer within no more than two weeks. We may want to contact you ahead of the intake meeting to better understand your concept. Your referral is guaranteed full confidentiality, confirmed on the return receipt you get on our referral form. We will also sign a confidentiality agreement at the first appointment.

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