Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Notes from Gaza and Boston

From a physician friend in Gaza:

This week Jews are celebrating the New Year -- Rosh Hashana -- and Muslems are celebrating Ramadan.

On this occasion of Rosh Hashana, I wish you a peaceful and happy days and have our world become a better place to live in peace and harmony. I wish you and your family health , happiness and gratification.

May this year be a better than the previous one, a year of peace, safety, health and freedom from oppression and fear, and I pray that our dreams and aspirations come true.

And similar thoughts from a colleague here in Boston:

As you prepare your minds, bodies and spirits for a time of celebration and reflection, I wanted to send you warm greetings. In solidarity, I will be praying for peace in Israel and throughout the world. In solidarity, I will reflect on ways that I may treat fellow beings with greater love and respect, not turning a blind eye to the suffering of others. In solidarity I will give thanks for all my blessings, most notably that each of you is part of my life.

And warm wishes to all of my loyal readers as well.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, with health and peace, to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Seasons Greetings & Best Wishes for a very Happy New Year-"Rosh Hashana"- to You and your team.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks.

eeka said...

L'shanah tovah!

(BTW, I think we belong to the same congregation...)