Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trekking Across Maine

Apologies for being slow in moderating comments during the last three days, but I was in the company of 1800 others participating in the 180-mile Trek Across Maine, a bicycling fundraiser for the America Lung Association of Maine. This particular bike ride starts in Sunday River (Bethel) and proceeds to Farmington on the first day, Waterville on the second, and ends at the coastal city of Belfast on the third. Supported by over 600 volunteers, the ride was extremely successful, raising over $1 million for the programs and initiatives of ALAME.

Did I happen to mention that there are a lot of hills when you go across Maine? Fortunately they go down as well as up. You can get a sense of the slope of these hills from the photo showing the maximum speed on a friend's odometer -- that's 37.5 mph -- and she was riding a hybrid, not a road bike!

Other pictures show scenes from the first rest stop in Farmington: laundry in the tent city housing some of the riders; a two-fisted ice cream cone eater at dinner after a 65-mile day; part of the bike corral; welcoming sign at the local pub, a favorite of the riders; and, last but not least, a picture of my cousin Tom, who persuaded me to join him for the ride. Thanks, Tom!


Anonymous said...

You are my inspiration...maybe SOMEDAY I will actually get back on a bike!! SamK

Anonymous said...

Paul - it was a pleasure meeting you this weekend at the Trek - I hope you will make this a regular event. Creamsicles RULE!!!!
Judy - Treker # 1234 (the best #)

Anonymous said...

As divine as the creamsicle is, I must point out that it is the fudgesicle which rules.

Unknown said...

As for Creamsicle vs fudgesicle at the end of a ride, I suggest a third category - all of the above!


Laurie said...

Wow! That is one impressive bike ride! Sounds like a great event.

Anonymous said...

The Fudgsicle / Creamsicle wars are never over but morph and reform every generation. If only the two fisted ice creamer had had a fudgsicle in one hand and a creamsicle in the other we could finally have asked a non biased expert which way to go. Gotta love the trek!!

Tom Trekker # 463

Anonymous said...


This is Gale, Trek your photos. Any possibility of getting a copy of them. I'd like to show people what it's like.

Thanks for riding with us. Great Weather!

Anonymous said...

I'll send them along, Gale, although you should be able to just copy them directly from the blog, too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for cycling safely in the Trek Across Maine and showing others how much fun it can be.
Hope you can do it again next year for our 25th anniversary Trek.
The Bicycle Coalition of Maine is working closely with the American Lung Assoc. of Maine to improve the roads and conditions for cyclists to ride in our great state. If your not a member of our advocacy org. yet or the one in your state please go to and join us or MassBike or Bike/Walk Alliance of New
Hope to see you next year.
Keep the rubber side down,
Charley LaFlamme
Trekker # 13 & Head of the Trek Safety Patrol