Saturday, August 16, 2008

Exercise equipment secondary market?

Pictures from a recent visit to the Town of Truro solid waste transfer station. Note, in this pile of stuff, the disproportionate representation of exercise equipment, whether stationary bicycles, stair steppers, or other varieties. I don't know if these are thrown out by year-round residents or by the summer "wash-ashores" in this Cape Cod community. I wonder if all those people who have been laid off this year by those secondary market mortgage investment companies would want to think about creating a secondary market in this equipment.


Toni Brayer, MD said...

Hilarious! "Let's get in shape this summer...oops, summers over, hit the couch" Or maybe a health club is a victim of the economy. Either way it's a lot of junk!

e-Patient Dave said...

In Minnesota, home of NordicTrack, there's a substantial retail industry for sell "slightly used" equipment. 2nd Wind Exercise seems to be the biggest, with 100 locations in nine adjacent states. Play It Again, another Minnesota company, is a franchise with hundreds of locations across the country, including Hyannis.