Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Knowing when to cheer

I am NOT saying this to gloat after the recent American League Division Series. Really. My Boston-bred daughter, watching one of the games in Anaheim, was heard to say, "I like being from a town where the fans don't have to be told when to 'Make Some Noise!' on the electronic scoreboard."


Anonymous said...

ahaha that's cute. Daughters rock!

Anonymous said...

YOUR girl gets it. Mine does too! It doesn't matter the color of their hat.....it matters how intense we are! Boston is intense. We know useless facts and useful information. We know when to cheer...for ie
The 9th inning, Cinco Ocho pitching, 2 outs, count 3-2 , man on 2nd and 3rd, we are up by a run.....YUP! CHEER! Bang on the boards....thats an easy gimme.
It is when we cheer and give a standing "O" for the first at bat for Jason Bay, when we cheer at introductions of the Yankees celebrated closer( we beat em bad) Mariano Rivera 2005 on our Fenway Opening Day-he smiled......and when the Orioles won their own game in Baltimore as we watched on the Fenway jumbo tron Sept 27th 2007 so we could advance to ALCS, or how we cheered for JD DREW's grand slam during World Series or we cheered for cancer survivor John Lester to close out game 4 as World Series champs or resign Mikey Lowell during Boston Duck boat parade for World Series Champs! YUP! we get it! We know when to cheer! We have a lot to cheer for!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Becca! You cheered cuz
Boston BEAT LA(again)

Bruce said...

I am oh, so glad that I didn't offer to wager some bratwurst against some scrod for what I was hoping would be a Red Sox v. Brewers World Series!

Hope the Sox go all the way.

Anonymous said...

Likes being *from* a town, but prefers to live elsewhere?

Jared At The Doctor Job said...

I can't believe us Red Sox fans can cheer and make noise without towels or thundersticks or cowbells. It really is a miracle.

As I reside in Florida, I'll be attending all the games at Tropicana Field. Here's hoping the red jerseys outnumber the purple at Fenway South. 7 home games would be a lot of fun!