Sunday, February 15, 2009

Great Danes

For those in the Boston area, here's a find. Some friends introduced us yesterday to a place called the Danish Pastry House, which has been in business for about 4 years. While there is a cafe in Medford, we went to the bakery, a tiny place stuck in an industrial section of Watertown. A friendly sales assistant introduced us to the many items available, including those shown here: Whimsical marzipan frogs, the decadent Flodeboller, and the signature Kringle.

But the highlight for our group was the traditional Danish rye bread, Rugbrød, which you may have seen thinly sliced and served with a thin layer of smoked salmon. In our case, though, we had it sliced more thickly and covered it with a really thick layer of cream cheese upon arriving at home. The Danish Pastry House version has no preservatives, so you need to freeze the portion of the loaf you are not using right away -- that is, if there is a portion that remains to be saved.


Michael said...

When Danish Pastry House opened their corner cafe in walking distance from our house, the value of our house increased dramatically. At least to us. Their rum balls are astonishingly good, as is their sachertorte.

Anonymous said...

Kringle -- That word sums it up for me. We love that place, and it doesn't help the waistline that it is a couple of blocks from my son's apartment.

Anonymous said...

The Danish Pastry Shop is wonderful! It helped me get through the medical school application process (and also helped ease the pain of being displaced during Hurricane Katrina.)

Anonymous said...

Ok, Paul... I checked out the Danish Pastry House. I just had a cup of tea with a wonderfully flaky, cinnamonny, chocolately snail...ymmmmm
Thank you for the recommendation.

The Kringle is excellent too!

Anonymous said...

They're a regular at the S. End Open Market when they're open - everything that they make is light, flaky, and the sweetness is just right. Reminds me of Japanese baked goods.