Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Following #charitytuesday

A feature of Twitter is the hashmark listing, which makes it easy for viewers to keep track of certain topics.

Yesterday (Tuesday!) I received this helpful tweet: "Have you heard about #charitytuesday? Maybe it can help increase awareness of #BIDMC on twitter."

Here's an article that describes this more fully, citing this one by John Carnell, which I offer here to be helpful to other non-profits who might either be on Twitter already or might be wondering why it would be useful to be on it.

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Charles Huschle said...

Yes - it is an extremely useful tool. A number of fundraisers have also used the hashtag (including me) to develop awareness of their causes and also to raise funds. Check out #tweettoremind for example (Bob Woodruff's foundation.) CARE also used hashtags in a recent fundraiser, as did I (#abreathaway).
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