Saturday, February 06, 2010

The end of Moby Dick

It was somehow appropriate to find this distressed edition of Moby Dick on Horseneck Beach, just down the road from New Bedford. Are those remains of the great whale in the post below?


Anonymous said...

Transfered from Facebook:

Linda: I think that is my copy from SMU, (now U Mass Dartmouth). I need to return it to stop the late fees.

Tom: We have chased Moby Dick all around the world...And the toxic load we found in his body would astound you..Check us out No BIDH to help out good ole Moby!!

Anonymous said...

Paul, that first photo is an appropriately distressing photo of this distressed copy...Melville may well have appreciated the 'circularity' in the image. MOBY-DICK [you need to retain the hyphen!] is endlessly great.