Friday, August 27, 2010

What I didn't see in Iceland

Missed this on my recent trip to Iceland. From my friend Jacob, dressed in orange. He explains:

A blue whale died and washed ashore. We don't know how it died. It has been dead for awhile...meat rotten and most of the skin was gone. It is on the beach about 30km from Skagaströnd (where I live). The whale will likely be dragged onto the land (the farm is mostly abandoned) and left to nature. It will feed many, many animals for a long time.

The whale is the property of the land owner. In the old days the fat would have been used for fuel.

He is a marine biologist, and therefore adds:

I had to measure it. Cutting into it was even more "fun".

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How pity..They are one of the most engendered species.