Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blueberry water?

Is there something they teach in hotel school that suggests that having unusual water in conference rooms is good for business?

In a previous post, I noted the silliness of importing bottled water from 8000 miles away to serve in conference rooms. Today I saw water served in lovely carafes, with blueberries at the bottom.


Well, perhaps someone thinks that because they are the number one fruit when it comes to antioxidants, putting them in the bottom of a bottle will persuade people to have conferences in their hotel. But I think that's stretching things a bit.

In our group, the first question was, "Do you think they washed them?" The second question was, "Do you think they are real?" Then, "Can you taste them at all?" Answer: No.

Maybe lemons are just passé.


Kate said...

Well maybe it is because they are beautiful!

Cindy said...

The berries were definitely a conversation piece!

Hal said...

The carafes come from Costco - $10, just got one. Give me lemons anytime - at least not plastic bottles with blueberries

Justin K said...

I would say blueberries in the bottom of a draft blueberry lager, tres cool. Bottom of a water carafe, unsure about that one. Now cranberries would be really cool and seasonal, additionally local. Blueberries although local, are out of season now.

Coming up with a clear and decisive response with this topic for me is tough, as I would like to see fresh cranberries in the bottom of the carafe.

Would I book a room for a conference there, probably not. It looks like they are trying too hard. Now if they were doing it to highlight their local produce, and had apple slices instead of a lemon on the side of the pitcher, that would be cool, cranberries in the fall, there are a whole slew of ways they could be unique with a fruit in the bottom, but blueberries, aren't jumping out with color, and are just a bit dull in the photograph.

My sister had water filled centerpieces at her wedding reciently, in each were baby bluegills, tadpoles, bass, catfish, etc. We weren't drinking from the centerpieces, and the eventual goal was to pour them into the local pond to symbolize the beginnings of a new life, and a life that will span years, as they will eventually reproduce, and repeat. If you want to turn heads by putting something in the water, although i wouldn't say fish would work in this setting, however something that infact will turn heads, and not just leave people scratching their heads wondering if anyone washed them. Perhaps edible seasonal flowers, pansies, violas, roses, nasturtiums, or seasonal fruit as discussed before. But to truly stand out, and create a conversation, it needs to truly stand out.

I perhaps could better formulate my words, perhaps better organize my thoughts on this, perhaps write a position paper, yet, sufficive to say, I think that although they often say "more isn't better", in this case, i think more could have been.

BTW, I have heard of strawberry allergies, perhaps what if someone had a blueberry allergy, what if someone with that condition drank the water without noticing the berries, or had water poured by a collegue without seeing the carafe. Sometimes, I guess they should leave well enough alone and serve water as... well... just water.