Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dried shark

I passed through Iceland this week en route to a conference in Amsterdam and had a chance to taste a traditionally prepared food, dried shark. Unlike varieties in other parts of the world, the Greenland sharks caught in this vicinity have poisonous flesh. Therefore, the meat needs to be cured.

First it is left to sit, i.e, rot, in plastic containers or buried in the ground for three months. Then it is hung out to dry for another three months. Over time, the neurotoxins and urea in the flesh break down.

The flavor? Well, imagine a smelly cheese that is nonetheless delicious. There is a noticeable odor of ammonia, but the meat has a nice texture and flavor.

It is best eaten with a strong alcoholic beverage, like Brennivín, the local schnapps.

See a very different scene below.


Anonymous said...

Wow. There's a reason man is the ultimate predator - who else would have the ______ (insert positive or negative term of choice) to so thoroughly subvert an evolutionary adaptation meant to enhance the shark's survival?


Anonymous said...

I think I saw this on an episode of bizarre foods .... pretty interesting