Friday, November 18, 2011

Please review this course about radiation

A fellow alumnus from my high school, George Polak, asks us for some help in reviewing a new on-line radiation curriculum:

We would greatly appreciate if your followers would view and comment on an online course about radiation and radiation safety that we are about to put up on our website.

We are especially interested in knowing:

1. If you found the language “plain” – unscientific and easy to understand for a lay person.
2. Did it answer any questions you might have had about radiation and radiation safety?
3. Any other comments

To access the course, go to:

The password is: sievert24

Click "SME Review" (left hand menu on bottom), and then click "Understanding Radiation, under Lesson (i.e. the second link, farther to the right).

Please take a few minutes to view. Then send your comments to gpolak [at] radiationsafety [dot] ca.

Many thanks.

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