Friday, July 27, 2012

Lucia's Kitchen: Not your beachside clam shack

Several years ago, Lucia Velasco-Evans started business in a small roadside stand.  Her vision was to offer foods from or inspired by her home land of Mexico.  Things went well, and she expanded into this larger quarters.

If you are traveling on Route 1 through York, Maine, and are looking for a change from fried clams and other beach food, this is the place to go.  Our favorite was the budín azteca: layers of corn tortillas, pulled chicken, mole sauce and cheddar cheese.

In addition to sit-down and takeout service, Lucia offers catering.  Here is the website.

I asked when the cookbook would be published.  She claims not to have time to do that.  The world is less for that, and I am hoping she writes one some day.  I suggested she start with Tastebook to make it easy.

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Marilyn said...

Thanks for the tips, Paul- both the restaurant and the ebook!