Wednesday, August 01, 2012

CampaignZERO empowers patients with knowledge

As an adjunct to Martine's book, summarized below, check out the website from CampaignZERO.  It provides the actual check lists that should be employed in a number of clinical situations.  As an informed patient or family member, you can participate in a positive way to help reduce the likelihood of preventable medical errors.

There's a page, for example, about ventilator associated pneumonia, giving things a loved one can look for during the treatment of the patient, along with early warning signs of trouble.  That is just one of several conditions covered.

The organization lists its goals as follows: 

CampaignZERO delivers safety strategies to patients and their family-member advocates to prevent medical errors.

We know that family members especially can be empowered to help zero out those errors—and we’re here to help guide the way.

Our mission at
campaignZERO is to foster collaboration among patients, their advocates and health care team. We believe this will result in better quality care and support for medical staff, especially nurses who serve on the front line in every hospital.

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