Sunday, December 09, 2012

Why Nobody Believes the Numbers

For your book list this holiday.  Here's the summary:

Why Nobody Believes the Numbers introduces a unique viewpoint to population health outcomes measurement:   Results/ROIs should be presented as they are, not as we wish they would be.  This viewpoint contrasts sharply with vendor/promoter/consultant claims along two very important dimensions:
(1)     Why Nobody Believes presents outcomes/ROIs achievable right here on this very planet…
(2)   …calculated using actual data rather than controlled substances.
Indeed, nowhere in healthcare is it possible to find such sharply contrasting worldviews, methodologies, and grips on reality.

Don't believe this?  Well, author Al Lewis reports:

My book Why Nobody Believes the Numbers was named Forbes' healthcare book-of-the-year.

Hmm...2012 must have been a very slow year for healthcare books

You have to scroll to Page 2, but, at least in my considered opinion, it is worth the wear-and-tear on your down-arrow key to do so.

And remember, Why Nobody Believes the Numbers is also a terrible gift idea for colleagues you can't stand. The last think you'd want to give them is a book that entertains them while also showing them how to do their job better.

Also, make sure to hide the Amazon link from them because if they see the reviews, they might order it on their own -- the reviewers unanimously agree that Why Nobody Believes the Numbers could possibly be the best book ever written.*


*By me

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Anonymous said...

a terrific book. couldn't put it down.