Tuesday, February 05, 2013

You think you are all alone...but then realize she has been there, too

A couple of weeks ago, Michael Spencer and I offered readers of this blog free copies of The Courage Muscle, A Chicken's Guide to Living with Breast Cancer, by his late wife Monique Doyle Spencer (seen above with friends).  Among those requesting a copy was a gentlemen who works with a group of women who call themselves "The Sunshine Girls."  I told him I would send along enough copies for all of the women. This lovely email arrived today--Monique's birthday!--from Cheryl.

I just want to thank you for sending Richard Buchanan the books "The Courage Muscle" - He came to a meeting/dinner with our group of ladies - "Sunshine Girls" in our small rural Georgia town to deliver these to us.....How special we felt!  Now that it has been delivered............and I must say read without putting it down before it was finished..........laughing (sometimes out loud) all the way............enjoying every minute of it..............she actually knew how to put the words in there that we can all understand and relate.
I wish more could see this wonderful message she gave.  For us who are survivors it was awe inspiring - you think you are all alone with some of the experiences you go through but then realize she has been there too.  Makes one feel better just knowing she knew it as well. 
Thanks again for your generosity in sending the books.  We are truly blessed by it!

Some of the Sunshine Girls


Beverly said...

From Facebook:

I think your headline also applies to those who live on without her, knowing that her spirit has been present all along.

Leo said...

From Facebook:

She was a wonderful person, glad I had the pleasure of knowing her.