Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This year versus last year

Question:  If you hold a duck boat rally when your hospital is named #1 in the meaningless US News and World Report rankings, what do you do when you fall back to your usual #2 ranking?

Answer:  The same thing that would have been appropriate last year:

I yearn for the day when the hospitals in Boston get together and jointly demonstrate progress in eliminating preventable harm, adopting a consistent approach to front-line driven process improvement, and engaging in truly patient-driven care.  Now, that would be something worth celebrating . . .  For models of that kind of behavior, look west to Ohio, Wisconsin, Washington, and Michigan.  The hospitals there have been hard at work on that approach--with modesty, dignity, and class--literally leaving many "top" Boston institutions in their wake.


Nancy Thomas said...

I used to be a hospital "spinner" - as much as I loved my work, everything in me rebelled against these lists, and the spin we had to give to the "breaking news"....

wrinkledman said...

Pride! One of the seven deadlies. Many Boston institutions suffer from it and make themselves insufferable in the process.