Monday, January 20, 2014

Give this book to your college senior in January . . .

. . . so s/he won't move back home in June!

I am pleased to announce the publication of our new book, "How to Negotiate Your First Job."  My wife, Farzana Mohamed, and I wrote it to help college graduates plan for their first important negotiation--the terms and conditions of their employment.

In advising many college students, we have found that new entrants to the job market are remarkably unlikely to negotiate the terms of their first job.  Whether fearful of losing an offer, or just unsure what to say or do, this is understandable.  In the book we set forth sound negotiation principles, but we explain them in plain terms and give many examples of how to conduct a negotiation that will get a better deal for the job seeker--but will also leave the employer feeling even more satisfied that they have hired this young person.
In one chapter, too, we address the well documented fact that women do worse in job negotiations than men; and we offer some suggested remedies to that phenomenon.
If you have a college-aged person in your family, or know of a person just entering the work force, please consider purchasing this book as a gift.

We are also happy to hold workshops for students at colleges and universities based on the principles and stories from the book.  If you know of any schools that might be interested, please let us know at advice [at] negotiateyourjob [dot] com.
Here's the link on Amazon for both the paper version and Kindle.  Other eBook formats (Nook and the rest) will be available soon.

Boston area folks can find the book at Brookline Booksmith, Wellesley Books, New England Mobile Bookfair (Newton), Back Pages Books (Waltham), and Harvard Bookstore (Cambridge).


Anonymous said...

What does this have to do with healthcare?

Paul Levy said...

First of all, not everything on this blog is about health care . . . but with health care dominating 18% of the US economy, an awful lot of young people are going to find that their first jobs are in this sector.