Saturday, June 28, 2014

At Indian Head Farm: We like it here.

People tend to view Massachusetts as an urban state, but there are areas very close to the urban centers that house lovely farms.  On such, which is in its seventh generation of family ownership, is Indian Head Farm in Berlin.  Here's a photo of the opening paragraphs of a recent Edible Boston article.

As you can see above, the strawberries are ripe and available for pick-your-own or just purchase. I've often thought that people should be weighed before and after picking, the difference to be added to the bill!  But the Wheelers seem to take some on-the-job consumption in stride.

Although Tim and Janet run the farm, Bill is still on site, too.  Today, when the shop was temporarily out of lettuce, he offered to cut some fresh for us and soon returned with this head of Boston lettuce. Yes, that's one head of lettuce.

When we commented on the beauty of the place, Bill replied, "We like it here.  Of course, we've been here so long, we don't know anything else."

Here's another view of those strawberries.  Worth a visit if you are in the area, I'd say.

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