Friday, September 26, 2014

MED QIPS takes off at Georgetown Medical School

Self-styled as "the first-ever club for patient safety at Georgetown Medical School," MED QIPS is up and running!  Medical Students for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety have set a goal of raising awareness and fostering advocacy for patient safety at the medical school level.  This is an exciting step forward, partially coming out of the students' participation at the Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camp this past year--but really derived from the students' own sense of purpose on these matters.

Some of the organizers are seen in the picture above, from left: Sam McAleese, Elissa Falconer, Natalie Medvedeva, and Brian Daily. Absent are Daliha Aqbal and Jameson Hollomon.

They have three sets of goals:

Learning:  Organize activities to improve medical student understanding of QIPS issues;
Medical Education: Incorporate patient saftey concepts into the medical curriculum; and
Change: Create a patient safety culture of accountability, transparency and mindfulness among medical students.

They are planning film screenings, speakers, research opportunities, and social events.  Get in touch with them by email at MedQIPS [at] gmail [dot] com or visit the Facebook page at GUSOM MedQIPS.

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nonlocal MD said...

Great idea and good for them. But just read those goals and imagine if they came from the Dean of the medical school like they should have. Without in any way diminishing their accomplishment, I say shame on the faculty for not getting there first.
(And yes, I know there are big advantages to the grass roots nature of it but geez, where is the faculty.)