Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Loose talk

Is it just harmless joking . . . or a sign of underlying disrespect for a patient . . . or a symptom of a lack of professionalism. You be the judge in this story of comments recorded during a man's colonoscopy while he was under sedation.

(Thanks to KevinMD for the pick-up.)

And they tried defending this anesthesiologist in court on top of it. What a waste of money and time.


Anonymous said...

“These types of conversations,” testified Kathryn E. McGoldrick, former president of the Academy of Anesthesiology, “are not only offensive but frankly stupid, because we can never be certain that our patients are asleep and wouldn’t have recall.”

Thank you, Dr. McGoldrick, for clarifying that the remarks are stupid only because the patient might not be asleep. That robust defense of medical professionalism is so reassuring!

Anonymous said...

I believe in cameras everywhere and patient gets a copy while being wielded to PACU. It is saddening beyond belief to have to say this but its true.

Carole said...

I couldn't listen to the recordings, again I agree with anonymous.

Carole said...

Ok I'm watching the morning news there's the story, and I listened to the recording, SHE DESERVES TO GET SUED, THAT'S INSANE!!! And this can happen to any of us..

Caleb said...

Dear Dr. Levy:

I agree.

The internet is not a seamless web.

It is an Old Tin Lizzie.

Have a Dovely.

Sincerely yours,
Caleb Boone.