Monday, July 06, 2015

Is the world tax-exempt?

The Boston Globe reports that Partners Healthcare System is reaching out to the world to expand its business activities. Commonhealth set forth this theme by the new PHS CEO back in February.

Among the issues that we might consider is whether PHS should be permitted to retain its tax-exempt status as it pursues these commercial adventures.  PHS has often justified the higher rates it gets paid by pointing out its "unique" value to our community, so how should local patients, businesses, and insurers feel about those funds being expropriated for foreign investments?  How should the state and federal government should feel about their funds being used in this manner?

Will the Attorney General have any review authority on such matters?  Should she care that the corporation is taking its marbles to play elsewhere?

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Vic Nicholls said...

I have tried in the state of Virginia to ask why they want to tax churches (a good number who would go out of business) but they leave healthcare entities with some at almost $100 million alone. They sit on prime property.

Seriously, I can put up the letters and emails to the Virginia government.