Wednesday, October 14, 2015

In appreciation: Maureen Bisognano and Jim Roosevelt

It's a big day for transitions in health care here in Massachusetts. Maureen Bisognano has announced that she will step down as head of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and Jim Roosevelt announced his retirement as CEO of Tufts Health Plan.

Others will surely offer their thoughts on the notable accomplishments of these two folks, and so I prefer to spend a bit of time talking about them as people.  Oddly, I can apply almost the same descriptors and adjectives to the two of them--with one pertinent exception, as you shall see.

First, both are driven by a sense of public purpose.  Guided to do what is right for their community or the broader world, they have never left a doubt as to their underlying dedication to make the place work better--safer, higher quality, and with extreme attention to the dignity of individuals.

Second, both are unfailingly polite, measured, and respectful in their communications and relationships with people of all persuasions and backgrounds.

Third, both are good humored, taking their work seriously but never taking themselves too seriously.

Fourth, both are devoted to their families, and their families are devoted to them.

Fifth, I am hard pressed to think of anyone in the community who doesn't respect them.  They are truly admirable people.

The major difference?  Well, let's just say that Jim doesn't have much of a Boston accent, whereas Mo, well . . . .

I join thousands in wishing them well for the next chapter of their lives.

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Carole said...

It's always nice to read good things about special people!
How kind for you to acknowledge them, im sure they appreciate it and feel honored.
Btw- my best friend is from Mass. Love, love , love her accent:) your cute comment made me smile and laugh, thanks.