Friday, December 18, 2015

Two good gifts that do good

Here are two excellent ways to reward your friends and loved ones with something pleasant to view, while helping good causes.  Warning: Note strong relative and friendship bias!

First, for dancers and dance lovers in your life, a stunningly beautiful 2016 calendar produced by the Jacksonville Dance Theater.  JDT is a recent start-up that has added considerably to the cultural life of northern Florida and has also appeared at modern dance concerts throughout the US.  Proceeds from the sales go to support this budding non-profit arts organization.

Second, a lovely picture book called What are Mothers For by Janice Lynch Schuster. A portion of the proceeds will go to Reading Partners Baltimore, which has volunteers working one-on-one with thousands of children ages 5-8 who are unable to read. Janice notes, "In my mind, pushing children through school despite their illiteracy is a form of prison, now and in the future."

About the book, Janice adds, "Beyond the desire to show off my beautiful little book and do good, I would love to inspire others to try something new. The benefits are remarkable."

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