Friday, October 23, 2015

Only certain people

A person who has over 3000 friends on Facebook saw no irony in posting the picture above in her status bar.


Pam said...

Either that, or she understands that the three thousands friends she has on Facebook who "like" her really aren't her friends -- they just "like" either her or what she says on Facebook..... I think its rather nice and kind of subtle, rather than ironic, that she lets them all know she gets it.

Paul Levy said...

Ah, I guess it's a bit subtle for me, offering "personal" advice on Facebook.

Carole said...

Perhaps the 3000 friends or likes are wanted or desperately needed but still do nothing to fulfil her.
Can't really explain why, but I sensed a sadness or a message meant for a particular person or persons who hurt her, from it -
However if she had let's say 100 friends on Facebook I believe I would of felt she was happy and just shared special thoughts of wisdom.