Friday, November 03, 2006

Good government?

Now that all of you have teached me how to use this blog, I decided to try another one in a different arena. I was recently asked by the mayor of my city to chair a citizen's commission on municipal budget and finance issues.

I suggested to my fellow volunteers that it might be useful to the commission members and the public to have a blog in which people could exchange views and stay up to date on the activities of the commission. They agreed and have already used the blog for a healthy exchange of views on several issues. So far, we have not heard much from the public, but I am confident that will pick up steam.

So, if you are interested, take a look and see if this kind of site might be useful to you in similar activities.


Anonymous said...

".....all of you have TEACHED me...." ???? can't believe no one commented on that... : )
I'm a nurse at BID and this is my first reading of your blog. Good move. Just as your regular communications with all of us ever since you arrived. I'm proud to work here.

Anonymous said...

I know. It is a disgrace -- both that I wrote it that way and that you are the first person to notice it!

Please keep reading and commenting.