Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Greetings, Huntsville!

A note to our director of Emergency Services. No further comment necessary from me!

To: Mccool,Michelle (BIDMC - Director of Ambulatory/Emergency)
Subject: You Made Our Day

Greetings from the Emergency Department Staff at Huntsville Hospital in Huntsville, Alabama!

Ms. McCool.
The school bus accident involving several High School students made National news. Our Emergency Department treated most of the victims. Your ED nursing staff heard about the accident and performed the most honorable gesture; they treated our nursing staff to lunch. Today, Nov. 21, 2006, around noon, we received several pizzas with a note attached from the ED Nursing staff at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital saying we are with you keep up the good work! It was an honor to receive this token of recognition. The President of the United States can bestow a token of appreciation upon an individual for a job well-done, but when colleagues bestow a gesture of recognition the meaning is far more substantial. We would like to say thank you, and, your staff made our day.

Attached is a picture of a few staff members who were on duty and treated the victims. I hope you receive it. The person holding the "N" is from Boston. This really touched her.

James Noland RN,MSN,CEN
Clinical Education Specialist
Huntsville Hospital Emergency Department

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Anonymous said...

Another letter from Huntsville:

My name is Bill Moyers. I, Penny Owensby, and Debbie Clark are the three patient reps that were working the day the school bus accident involving several High School students happened. I and Debbie were working our other jobs and were called in. I have worked here for 20 yrs and thru several tornados and the dealings that went on there, but when we got news of the school bus wreck and all the children that would be arriving that we would get, our ER became flooded with parents/grandparents/friends/teachers and lots of people that just wanted to help be it by giving blood or bringing food to the families.

It was a mess. I would like to thank you and your ED nursing staff for the very kind gesture. It really and truly made tears come to our eyes and made our hearts feel warm all over. I consider it an honor to work for a great place like Huntsville Hospital, but when one receives things like this from some one that has more than likely never even heard of Huntsville Al it makes you fell proud to live in a country like America.

Thanks again and may our good Lord about bless you. Have a safe and happy holiday.

Bill Moyers
Patient Advocate
Huntsville Hospital Emergency Department