Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just learning to crawl

It has been a bit over half a year since I started this blog. It is time for a retrospective.

Here are the favorite (or most provocative?) postings, based on number of comments received:

October 20: How am I doing?
December 18: Blackberry Cold Turkey
January 28: Do I get paid too much?
February 20: DaVinci decoded -- Or, surgical robots unite!
February 23: If man were made to fly...
February 24: The shame of malpractice lawsuits

Here are the most popular postings, based on statistics:

->The Blackberry story, which was picked up by dozens of other blogs and read by thousands of addicted users with sore thumbs.

->The salary question, whose popularity needs no explanation, which is still being forwarded among bloggers and on which I am still receiving comments.

->The series of stories on disclosure of clinical results (like infection rates), which not surprisingly indicates tremendous public interest in this matter. These are receiving national attention and commentary, with overwhelming support for the kind of disclosures I have included and for which I have advocated.

1 comment:

Terroni said...

I just read "Do I get paid too much?"
My question for you: Do you keep too much?
Money, like time and talent, is a resource. The more we are given, the more responsibility we have to be good stewards.

You can't make too much... but you can keep too much.