Saturday, March 17, 2007

New links

I have posted some links to other sites on the right. They are really well written, with interesting points of view. Some are brand new and need visitors! Try them out. From their profiles:

Apollo, MD: Apollo is a physician-in-training in an allopathic medical school in the U.S. Drawing from historical perspectives, recent news, and personal experiences during medical training, he hopes to provide perspectives on medicine and health care on the middle ground between patients, physicians, and other forces influencing the delivery of medical care.

Paging Dr. Jess: I'm a fourth year medical student starting internal medicine residency this summer.

Boston lab coat review: Working hard every day at one of Boston's major teaching hospitals. Help and healing do not come when we pretend and mask our pain, but rather when we are honest and admit our need.

ER RN: Expanding my horizons, gaining knowledge, having way too much fun along the way.

Tales from the ER and Beyond: To get into medical school, you have to be well-rounded. It's pretty much an admission requirement. Ironically, it doesn't take much time for medical school to beat the well-roundedness out of you.

Everything Health: Dr. Toni Brayer has practiced Internal Medicine in San Francisco for over 20 years.

Diabetes Mine: Inquisitive, perhaps-just-a-tad overly analytical new diabetic based in San Francisco, CA. Diagnosed with Type 1 in May 2003.

Transplant Headquarters: Had a kidney transplant in 2000, watched the field of transplantation swirl around me before and after, decided to start a blog about it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out and compliments, Paul! I've only recently started exploring the medical blogging community with yours and Dr. Pho's blog as entrypoints; previously I had mostly been sharing my writing and perspectives with my classmates. I appreciate your thoughtful and conscientious approach to your leadership of BIDMC and its relationship with other medical entities in Boston and elsewhere, and I look forward to reading more! ~ Lester

Medical Quack said...

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