Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good morning, London!

Actually, it is still Sunday night, but I am writing this to ensure an early morning greeting to my friends and colleagues in London in anticipation of a lecture I am giving at Imperial College London at 18:00 on Monday at the Sir Alexander Fleming Building. I look forward to being with my UK colleagues to share information on approaches to lead change in institutions undergoing large-scale transformation. I have been asked to discuss ways of improving engagement with staff and patients, and making changes that increase patient satisfaction. Also, I am to explore ways of -- and benchmarks for -- measuring success in an academic medical center/academic health science center. The session is hosted by Lord Darzi of Denham, KBE, who has taken on a major role in the efforts to enhance the National Health Service.

My audience has already been very tolerant of me. I had previously asked them to read postings on this blog in anticipation of this lecture, and I now notice a loyal readership from the UK every morning as I check my blog statistics. I am looking forward to many questions and comments from the audience, in the hope we can use this occasion to draw on ideas from one another. Speaking of metrics, I suppose a measure of my success will be how many people in the UK continue to read the blog after the lecture!

Meanwhile, inspired by my friend in the posting below, I had a marvelous lunch of fish and chips today at the Sea Shell Restaurant on Lisson Grove.

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