Sunday, March 30, 2008

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Sex

This is not a topic I ever expected to cover. I was led to it by Diana Huff, a Facebook friend (and mutual admirer of David Meerman Scott). Her client Helaine Smith has written an ebook on the topic. Here's the link to the book. It is short and informative and worth a look -- and, yes, actually goes beyond sex to discuss several areas of oral health.

I mention it also because this is a great example of social media viral marketing, of the type often discussed by David. And, here I am, both telling you about it and participating in it by promoting not only the book, but also linking several types of social media in the course of doing so.

(Disclosure: I have no financial relationship with any of the people mentioned and make no warranties about the material contained in the ebook. I do hope, however, that some of my colleagues with chronic bad breath will read that section of the book.)


Anonymous said...

I wonder if oral sex might just go back out of style. I think most people only pretend to enjoy it, thinking it is an obligation. And maybe people enjoy the debasing aspect too. It used to be as illegal as anal sex, also called sodomy, or a "crime against nature". Maybe it's time to be open about not liking it.

Anonymous said...

Great job writing this blog, keep up the good work.

e-Patient Dave said...

> I do hope... some of my colleagues
> with chronic bad breath
> will read that section of the book

Gives a whole new meaning to the term "social web," now doesn't it?

(And let's hope we're not talking about that kind of "going viral.")

e-Patient Dave said...

Having posted my wisecrack, I went back and actually looked at the book. Just 20 pages, easy to skim, rather eye-catching in the variety of topics. Who knew a dentist had so much to say and could say it so well?

Anonymous said...

What a great example of marketing! She writes a small book, makes it easly available for free on the web, and offers it through her web site. Wow. I'm impressed.

Helaine Smith, DMD said...


Thank you for taking the time to read and post about my ebook, Healthy Mouth, Healthy Sex. I appreciate the positive comments.

I am a strong supporter of BIDMC as my parents had wonderful end of life care at BI. Your work as their leader has been tremendous and impressive.

Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Ah the circle of life, I mean social media - this is networking the way it is supposed to be.