Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well-deserved praise

This is an email from a member of our staff about others who helped her. It is self-explanatory. I print it with her permission for all to see and to give the recognition she requests to those mentioned:

Last year around this time I had breast surgery. When I was diagnosed in January of 2007, it did not seem real but it became real when I had my surgery in March. I have to tell you I was very scared that day of surgery and all the support from family and friends could not make me feel at ease.

Three women during my day of surgery made me feel that I had nothing to worry about. I really don't think they realized how they made me feel. I only know their first names and wished I remembered their last names so that I can thank them appropriately. I was hoping with your assistance you can make my appreciation known.

The first woman I want to thank is Rose in Radiology, who pushed me down the halls from pre-op to mri/nuc med. This woman talked to me about different things. I had a book and told her if I had it with me I usually don't wait long for appointments. She made me feel safe and when I went to wait for the Radiologist, I forgot my book and Rose brought it to me and we both laughed.

The second woman was Virginia. When I'm nervous I laugh and talk too much. Virginia was assisting the radiologist with the needle loc. She asked me where I was from and found out we were almost neighbors. A lively conversation ensued and the radiologist thought we were friends for a long time. We weren't, we had just met! It's these little moments that make you get through the big ones. After my needle loc, Virginia wished me well and I was off to mri/nuc med for my injections. Rose was my navigator to my next stop. When Rose was done pushing me around I got a soft hug and a very caring good luck. Rose made that part of the journey easy to get through.

The third woman was Brenda in mri/nuc med. Brenda greeted me and wheeled me into the room. During all this time my boyfriend finally joined up with me and Brenda found him and let him stay for the injections. Brenda told me everything that was going to happen during the injections. Let me tell you, they were very painful but Brenda stood by me counting down the shots and stroking my hand. It didn't hurt as bad when someone you don't know makes you feel comfortable.

I want to thank these 3 women for their sensitivity, caring and understanding and helping me through that very scary day. I feel lucky to have met these women and glad they were there to assist in my care. I want you to know that no matter how good the doctor is, it is the supporting staff that really helps the patient emotionally, and I can't say enough about the goodness these three women put forth on that day. My only regret is that I waited to long to send this to you. I hope in some way you can recognize these women and send them my thanks.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to send this to you.

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rlbates said...

Very nice note. When my patients complement the surgery center, etc I ask them to send a note of thanks. I also try to pass on the praise. It is the Rose's, the Virginia's, & the Brenda's that make me "look good".