Thursday, May 08, 2008

Do you trust your blogger?

Interesting post by Bill Ives, referring to comments by Andrew McAfee at Harvard Business School about Enterprise 2.0, about trusting bloggers, and the role of blogs in business communication. Bill and Andrew and Jessica Lipnack, also cited in the post, are key observers and thought leaders in this arena. Jessica asked yesterday whether email is obsolete. See the last paragraph in a related story on that topic below.

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Anonymous said...

Each blogger has thier own internal paradigm or intent. The worst ones are those who let thier subjective aspects interfere with issue as well as those bloggers with narrow minds. In other words, if one is narrow minded, group security and the importance of others approving of you is the apex of thier existence. Conversely, those with open minds question authority and premises or beliefs often. And this is done to conirm authenticity, and not because of anger. Usually, the open minded people view life as not a popuarity contest.