Friday, May 30, 2008

What's this?

Takita takita dhin na build up (1 minute)

Sawal Jawab (1 minute)

Tarikita taka taka taka
Tarikita taka taka dhin

Thei thei dhin thei thei dhin
Tarikita tarikita tarikita dhin

ta thei thei tat a thei thei tat thei thei thei
a thei thei tat ta thei thei tat thei thei thei

ta thei thei tat thei thei ta thei thei tat thei thei
ta thei thei tat thei thei ta thei thei tat thei thei

dha dhin dhin dha dha dhin dhin dha
na tin tin ta tete dhin dhin dha

taka taki ta taka dhi
kita ta thei thei tat thei

Tete kata ga dhi gena
Thei thei thei thei

1234 1234
1212 3123

Transition (15 sec)

Takita takita dhin na, speed up laya a bit

Tihai (45 sec)

The answer: Choreography for a solo dance performance. Here are the details. Go see it live!

Chhandika presents its sixth annual student show
Solo by Sixty
A voyage through the phases of a classical kathak dance concert
Sunday, June 1, 2008, 4:30 pm
Peabody School Auditorium
70 Rindge Ave., Cambridge
Tickets available at the door -- $15 General, $5 Children 12 and under


Unknown said...

Hmm..that sounds (reads) like phrases I've heard tabla drummers recite that match the phrasing of their drumming before each movement. Is there some sort of relationship between the two?

Anonymous said...

There's definitely a relationship. These are the "bols" (words) of the dance items, as they relate to the steps. Kathak dancers sometimes recite fragments of their compositions before dancing. They can also memorize their compositions this way or communicate them to the musicians.

Anonymous said...

Is the 'TukBandi' a pre-rehearsed drill or a genuine exibition of the spontaneous Skill Level ot the performing Artist ??
Kindly Educate.
In either case, It captivates the audience.

Anonymous said...

Wow !!
Kathak at Cambridge!!
I thought it was meant exclusively for the Nawabs of Awadh.

Anonymous said...

Well, in this case, it is a bit of both. I'm a student, and I get a bit nervous on stage, and this is my first time doing a little solo, so I like to have something prepared in my mind. I might well improvise from it when I'm on stage.

Ghoshbabu -
Kathak has strayed far afield from Awadh, and is alive and thriving in many corners of the globe. In the Boston area, Chhandika has about 100 students...

Anonymous said...

Hi Anjali, I am sure You must have Hypnotised the Audience with Your Solo. I wish I could attend but I am too far away and in any case Bears are not allowed in Kathak performances. But my wife would probably love to come next time because she is human & learnt Kathak before marrige. Keep Practicing (Riaz ??) and Keep up the good work!