Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Boston's Future Leaders

Boston's Future Leaders are a group of young professionals sponsored by their employers for a year of engagement, mentorship and training, organized by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. One part of the program is called "Leaders Connect: A Conversation with the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow." At this luncheon, Boston's Future leaders hear from a prominent member of the Greater Boston business community while connecting with the program's alumni and members of the Chamber's Board of Directors.

Here are are some of the attendees at today's event, along with a "trio of Paul's" -- Paul Connolly from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston; Paul Guzzi, from the Chamber; and Paul LaCamera from WBUR public radio. A fourth Paul, yours truly, was invited to be the luncheon speaker. Regular readers of this blog can guess what I talked about. (Somehow, coaching girls soccer was part of the speech.)


Anonymous said...


Sorry to put you on the spot, but why are no members of this group sponsored by BIDMC/Caregroup? Surely we must have staff who are willing & worthy....

Unknown said...

Paul - Thank you for your engaging and inspirational comments at yesterday's luncheon. I love to hear about organizations that are breaking new ground and challenging the status quo. I look forward to following your blog and the great stories of success at BIDMC.

Dawn Curtis Hanley
Executive Director of Marketing at Boston magazine and mother of 6 and 8-year old soccer-playing daughters (and pictured above at Table 7)

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:36,

I actually didn't know about this program until I was invited to speak. We'll now look into it.