Thursday, June 18, 2009

Now up, playing center field, Jackson

If you were watching the Red Sox game last night, you saw Jacoby Ellsbury hit it over the bullpen into the bleachers.

Guess who caught the ball in his glove? Jackson, age 10, a AAA baseball player in Natick (pitcher/center fielder).

His father was with him and said it was just unbelievable. Everyone in the bleachers went wild and was high-fiving Jackson.

Dad says this trumps all of his Red Sox memories, including the (first) World Series win.


Anonymous said...

Historic Sports night in Boston and bleachers!
Sox have 500th record setting sellout of Fenway
Brad Penny notches 100th career win
Pedroia powers 3 hits, 3 RBI's and 2 stolen bases
Ellsbury makes 1st error in 233 games to end streak

Jackson(great baseball name) puts a glove on the
1 Homerun made by Elssbury....I GOT THE BALL!!!!!!!

REKording said...

Everyone who ever brought their glove to Fenway is uplifted by seeing hope fulfilled so dramatically and rightfully by someone with "good glove." Congratulations, Jackson!

Anonymous said...

but a dad and his son catching a fly ball? PRICELESS