Friday, October 29, 2010

Sad News on the Soccer Pitch

A fellow referee, about my age, sent an email entitled "Sad News." Of course, when I saw the subject line, I got worried that my friend might have a serious medical problem. Here's the text:

Don't worry - sad for me, funny for you.

I reffed some games at the grade 5/6 intramural jamboree the other day. While waiting for the horn to signal the kickoff, White team asks me who gets the kickoff. I told girls from each team that whoever guessed closest to my age would get the kickoff (taking off my hat in the interests of full disclosure). After several seconds I asked the Orange player closest to me for her guess. She whispers "67." As I was about to toss the ball to the White team for the kickoff, the closest White player says "72."

I told them both they were lucky I wasn't packing my red cards today.

Best to all,



Beverly said...

From Facebook:

Oh, that is sad to those of us of a certain age - but I bet he won't do THAT again.

Jeff said...

From Facebook:

That assumes I remember not to do it again!

Amy said...

From Facebook:

Come on Jeff, if you do, it will seem like a new experience.

Jeff said...

From Facebook:

That's what my wife (at least I think that's who she is) says.

e-Patient Dave said...

Sooooo, which guess was closer? :)

You guys crack me up. (I'm in the same age group.) It's a frickin VICTORY to have gotten here. :) As alumni notes editor for my college class, I know how many of us haven't lived to here.

Not to mention that he's a soccer ref!

A few months ago one of my speaking gigs was at a conference looking at new business models for physicians. An insurance guy said one of the smartest things I've heard: it's no longer useful ton look the usual demographic categories, by age group - 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79... he now thinks about "55 to Feeble." Because some 65 year olds have become feeble - unstable, can't do much - and some 85 year olds haven't.

Seriously, guys - try coming back from the brink of death and see how much you care what ten year olds guess about your age. :)

Anonymous said...

Dave, of course you are absolutely right but you don't look your age either, darn you! (:

And ouch - did they have to start
___ to Feeble at 55?!! Don't like being in the Final Category! (you see we won't quit this whining....)


e-Patient Dave said...

Beverly geezer,

I don't recall where he started "__ to feeble" - the point was just that today some 80 year olds are for all practical purposes much stronger than some 65 year olds, so if the purpose is to do meaningful segmentation, age doesn't suit the task.

Personally, I'm waiting for someone to notice that high dosage Interleukin (a powerful immune system treatment) can cause some people to act substantially below their biological age...

Anonymous said...


Actually I was going to comment that this treatment possibly merits investigation as the 'fountain of youth', but that's if it itself doesn't kill you first!

Enjoy life and humor!

beverly 'geezer'