Saturday, October 09, 2010

She Fedex'd it!

@adrane askes on Twitter: "What's the going rate for a first tooth lost?"

Reminded me about our daughter, Sarah, now 27:

When she lost one of her last teeth, I had forgotten to slip the money under her pillow. It was morning, and I feared waking her up if I tried to do it. So I took a Fed Ex cardboard envelope and left it leaning against her bedroom door with a dollar in it, addressing it to her from the Tooth Fairy.

When she awoke, she found it and said with wonder: "She Fedex'd it!"


Anonymous said...

only YOU!

Alexandra Drane said...

Paul - you know I'm a crazy fan of yours, and all you do - but this is now hands down my favorite blog post EV-AH. You should send this to FedEx - would be an extraordinary ad.

Anonymous said...

The best post of any blog anywhere! And I agree with Alexandra, that would be a great ad.