Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reconciliation at Risky Business

Jo Berry is founder of a charity called Building Bridges for Peace. Patrick Magee, PhD, was sentenced to life imprisonment for the Brighton Bomb which he set off as a member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army in 1984. He was released in 1999. For 10 years he has worked for peace with Jo Berry, whose father he killed at Brighton.

They offered this discussion at Risky Business in London yesterday.

If you cannot see the vido, click here.


Jim Conway said...

Paul, thanks for sharing this at two levels. My father was born in the Republic and "the troubles" are an essential part of my family and its history. We are all learning about reconcilliation.

As you well pointed out in your comments, there were so many messages for healthcare. Two that struck a cord with me, in sum, were
-- when you see others in their true capacity, its impossible to want to harm them
-- their pain must be acknowledged

Thank you


Anonymous said...

The common theme of taking care to remember others' humanity was expressed by Patrick's regret for killing Jo's father once he 'knew' him; your follow-on comment about how medicine risks dehumanizing the patient, and Sekou's patient safety exhortation to hospital workers, where he insists on enumerating those who can be 'saved', by name.
Although medicine traditionally abhors anecdote, this is one arena in which the power of story is very apparent.


David said...

From Facebook:

Wow. Thanks for sharing THEIR sharing, and humanity, and honesty.