Friday, February 11, 2011

We didn't start the fire

This was forwarded by a friend. If you are of a certain generation, you are bound to like it.

Whether you are a Billy Joel fan or not, you probably remember his great song, "We Didn't Start the Fire."

Here it is, set to pictures. It's a neat flashback through the past half century. I never did know all the words. Turn up volume, sit back and enjoy a review of 50 years of history in less than 3 minutes! Thanks to Billy Joel and some guy from the University of Chicago with a lot of spare time and Google.

Top left gives you full screen. Top right lets you pause. Bottom left shows the year. The older you are, the more pictures you will recognize. Anyone over age 65 should remember over 90% of what they see. But it's great at any age.

We didn't start the fire.


Nancy said...

Very cool. If the song were done 'today' it would end with Egypt is free!

Doug said...

Wow ! That video is great. One of my favorite songs.

Thanks for sharing !

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Great song and great job on the video....I keep waiting for the sequel!


DavidL said...

Billy had turned 40 at the time he was coming up with the son, and he decided to chronologically list major history events, people and places that took place during his life. He mentioned being a "history buff". The first several sections combined cover 25 years, and the last section combines the last 15 years.