Thursday, May 12, 2011

Citing confirmed: ACO rules don't work

The validity of Cheryl's report over at HealthLeaders Media, and my earlier post, about the unworkability of the proposed ACO rules, got confirmation in this story today on AP:

In an unusual rebuke, an umbrella group representing premier organizations such as the Mayo Clinic wrote the administration, saying that more than 90 percent of its members would not participate, because the rules as written are so onerous it would be nearly impossible for them to succeed.

As I noted, not all the problem lies with CMS. Congress put a "poison pill" into the concept because it was afraid to limit customer choice.l This is all a holdover from the manner in which the President characterized health care reform -- as offering access, choice, and lower costs -- but also because Congresspeople believe that changing Medicare significantly is the third-rail of American politics.

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