Thursday, May 05, 2011

Pam needs patient bloggers

Pam Ressler sends the following note:

Hi Paul:

I am finishing up my graduate work at Tufts in the Pain Research, Education and Policy Program within the School of Medicine. My research looks at the phenomenon of patient blogs with respect to chronic illness blogging. Along with Lisa Gualtieri, I am beginning some formative research in the form of an online survey for current patient bloggers and was hoping that you might be able to distribute a link to the survey to some folks you may know. The research design and tool has been approved by the IRB at Tufts. Here is the description and link to the short online survey:

Do you blog about your illness or do you know someone who does? Help researchers at Tufts University Medical School better understand patient blogging by participating in a short online survey. Please forward the survey link to your friends and colleagues

Our hope is that survey results will lead to further research about tools of patient communication and engagement.

Thanks for any assistance.


You can read more about Pam's research on her blog, here.

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Kristina said...

Pam, I completed the survey for you. Please visit my blog at because antiphospholipid syndrome needs to be known about!