Friday, October 28, 2011

Danielle will find your lost pet

I have written about a number of new businesses on this blog, in health care and beyond, but none has caught my attention as much as Compassionate Pet Services.  Owned and operated by Danielle Robertson, the company helps pet owners recover their lost animals.

Danielle notes:

Losing a pet is a very stressful and even traumatic experience.  A well organized search plan provides the best chance to bring your pet home safely.  Unfortunately, most people do not know how to effectively search for a lost pet, and the advice that you receive from well-meaning people and the information that you find on the internet may be inaccurate or just overwhelming. 

Compassionate Pet Services is here to provide the services, information, and resources that you need to help find your lost pet.  I am a certified Missing Animal Response Technician and have been helping people find their lost pets since 2009. 

I never knew there was such a thing as a Missing Animal Response Technician, but Danielle actually has extensive training in wildlife management and then special training in this field of finding lost pets.  To learn more, you can check out her blog, Lost Pet Research and Recovery, and for dramatic and moving stories of recoveries, Lost Cats Found.

Here's a sample: 

Many of you may have heard about the tornado that tore through Springfield, MA, and  surrounding towns on June 1, 2011.   One man, Michael Roescher, was home with his step-daughter and their seven cats when the tornado leveled their house.  Initially he was convinced that none of the cats had survived, but then he miraculously found their goldfish still alive in the rubble.  With renewed hope and the help of many friends and strangers, Roescher persisted in his search, and he was able to find all seven cats over the course of five days and none were seriously injured.

Best of luck to Danielle in her venture, and good luck to all of you searching for your lost pets.

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