Friday, October 14, 2011

Don't wake up late if you plan to shower

A Perfect Stay.  I can't think of another thing to say.


emt.dan said...

waste much water?

Paul Levy said...

You think?

mpmi said...

Hi, just wondering if you knew what happened to Tom Bailey from Personal Accountability Blog? He only had four other blogs he was following and his last posting was March 2010. He was the one that introduced me to this blog. P.S. I guess Perfect Stay is not Perfect : )

e-Patient Dave said...

Ah, but think of the savings in water heater costs. (Or something.)

e-Patient Dave said...

You have to think, before it got to where they put these cards in the guest rooms, how many panicked guests called the front desk saying "I can't get any hot water - I've been running it for five minutes - help, I need to get to my meeting."

Long ago I stayed at a Holiday Inn in Connecticut, when they were running the ad campaign "At every Holiday Inn the best surprise is no surprise." Well, I had a no hot water issue and called the desk, and they said "Yeah, this happens every morning when everyone tries to shower at once."

This is a surprise to Holiday Inn? :-)

EB said...

I am looking for the post that has the letter you wrote to employees when you first joined BIDMC. I'm a doctoral student and want to reference your letter. I've searched your posts and but it is buried so deep I can't find it.


Paul Levy said...

It is here:

Also, check the HBS case DVD study about that period, available from HBS publications.

Paul Levy said...


Sorry, no.