Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Residents report and learn about quality and safety

Day two of my visit to Denver to learn with residents who are part of the PSE Partnership quality and safety training program was as satisfying as the first day.  The highlight was being present for resident report at Swedish Hospital.  The session was supervised by Dr. Scott Strauss, an attending physician in the family practice group, with chief resident Brieanna Seefeldt leading the discussion of two fascinating cases involving a number of quality and safety issues (both pictured here).

First year resident Erica Liesmaki (shown here) presented the details of the cases in a clear and organized fashion.  Those details of the cases matter less for our purposes here than overall characteristics that are present thousands of times across the nation and the world.  Problems of work flow design, hand-offs, communication, and protocols all were evident.  The value of this training program was also evident, though, as the residents displayed an excellent grasp of how to analyze flaws in care delivery and to make recommendations for improvement. 

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